Scapple : cosmetic suggestion

Scapple is a great writing tool, especially because of its free-form making it very similar to a sheet of paper (but bigger and organizable).

I’d really like to have more options in terms of border styles and connections between notes (shapes : curved, zigzag…; color, size ; why not being able to draw its shape ?) and the ability to rotate the notes, etc. ; all this to be able to make it at once a bit funnier and ‘messy’ (in other words : individualized), as handwritten rough drafts might be.

I think it would help me 'drawing" / writing my story on the ‘paper’… that is on Scapple.

Sometimes Scapple looks a bit ‘gloomy’, 'classic’. No offense intended (my English is broken :slight_smile:.

Just my 2 c.
(Sorry if this subject has already been discussed.)

Several font sizes within the same note would be nice too.

(couldn’t edit my OP)