Scapple development

Hi. I’ve been using Scapple intermittently for the last few months. With about 18 days left in the trial version, I’m wondering what the development path looks like for Scapple, in terms of both direction and timeline?

Are there any plans to add keyboard customization to it, and would that more likely come sooner or later, at any given pace of development?


Our main focus right now is on Scrivener, so I wouldn’t expect any major updates to Scapple within that timeframe. It certainly has plans though, so it’s not a dead-end project if that is what you are asking. As for direction, it will most likely continue in the same vein of being a tool for abstract thinking rather than making diagrams and rigid or highly appearance-oriented presentations. Keyboard customisation is definitely something we want to do.

Overall though, I would repeat what we say on the site: don’t buy it unless it already does what you need. :slight_smile: