Scapple disappearing

Having spent a couple of hours arranging a timeline for my novel, the whole screen disappeared. This occurred when I was adding another note. I double clicked on the Scapple link on my Desktop, however, a fresh Scapple page appeared with no sign of my work. I tried opening the ‘Open Recent’ tab, but all this revealed was a sub tab with ‘Clear Menu’ on it.

Not a good start with this software. I’m rather reluctant to start again in case this scenario repeats itself. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Hello there,
Like any creative program… save regularly. I have used scapple since it came out and have never experienced this. Possibly it may have just been a general computer glitch. Sorry can’t be more helpful but genuinely never heard of that problem.

Any program may suddenly crash or restart. I have used the Mac version of Scapple for several years and never had any problems.

I’ve taken your advice and saved as I went along. Seems to work fine.

Thanks for your quick and helpful response.

Keith :smiley: