Scapple docs imported as a single link into Scrivener


This is odd and I’m sure I’m missing something but I can find the answer.

I’m planning to buy Scapple because I find it very useful to put some order into my chaotic mind and it does look pretty good as Scrivener’s companion. So I’m trying to import some Scapple docs into a Scrivener bin but instead of getting the content of my Scapple files directly into Scrivener, I only get a empty page with a hyperlink to that particular Scapple doc (if I click on it, Scapple opens that file outside Scrivener).

I assume the correct behaviour should be a Scapple doc embedded into Scrivener so, what am I doing wrong? :confused:

My specs are W7 Ultimate x64, Scrivener and Scapple 1.0 trial.

PS: Screencap attached! :mrgreen:

PS: Excuse my english, It isn’t my first language.

And thank you in advance!


I do not think you are doing anything wrong. When I import excel files, freemind files, etc., I have the same issues. When using the mac version of the software this does not happen. So I think the way scrivener works on Mac - when importing files - does not work on Windows. Maybe when they do the next update it will work like it should.

As far as I know there are two ways to get the content of your Scapple board into Scrivener under Windows:

  1. Select the notes you want in Scapple and copy/paste or drag them into the Scivener Binder (not the corkboard, and you can only put them outside the ‘Draft’ folder.)

  2. Export the Scapple project to .mm or .opml and use the mindmap import option in Scrivener. This option will preserve hierarchies of nested background boxes, which can be useful.

Using the regular document import route will just produce a link to a copy of your document, which will then open in its appropriate application if you double-click it.

Hello there,
For my two penceworth, I drag the scapple note (no need to select text) and drop it straight into either the document notes for the current editor screen - I use this as an outline to write a scene, or drop it straight into the current document editor. As someone has stated, about the only place drag and drop don’t work is into the draft section of the binder.

I think everyone’s already covered the import options for bringing your Scapple map into Scrivener in a way that you can work with the text. If you just want to view the map, you can export to an image or PDF file and import that, so it’s visible in your editor while you’re working. Scapple .scap files are not supported in Scrivener, so like other unsupported files, they’ll just show the link for you to open the file in the external editor, Scapple in this case. This is the same in the Mac version, but there because of the Mac OS X Quick Look tool, the editor is able to display the document. Editing it still requires opening it in Scapple.