Scapple Download

I am trying to find where I can download the Scapple I have already purchased?

The HD went south and I am trying to rebuild. When I try to find to find Scapple I get the following.

Thank you for visiting this page. Now click here to download.

Thank you for visiting this page, Now click here to download.

Now click here to download.

Now click here to download.

Click here.

Click here.

Click here.

Just how many pages to I need to click through to get to this thing? I keep clicking and end up back where I began telling me to click here!

Please do something abut this. It is not the way to treat your customers. If you want people to purchase what you have, you really do need to make it easier to find.

The way you have it set up now, people are going to go elsewhere. I am very near ready to do that myself.

K I found the problem.

“To download a free trial of Scapple for macOS or Windows, please visit this page on a Mac or PC.”


Whoever programmed your new site needs to go back to school.

I solved the problem with a different browser.

I tried using internet explorer, when that popped up I couldn’t do anything because the program refused to work until I promised “to make Bing my search engine.” No thank you, please.

So then I tried Chrome, That finally worked.

I was using Firefox. A lot of people use Firefox. Please make your downloads compatible with this program.