Scapple Export preserving connections?

Is there a way to export from Scapple preserving the connections?

Both PDF and image exports will render a pixel perfect image of the board that you can share. Otherwise, I am not sure what you have in mind as a target format. None of the supported export formats contain features that could express connections like Scapple does.

yeah, PDF works great

you know what we need? Scapple for iOS!

Badly needed :smiley:

That’s the point. What I actually would like to have is a text or JSON or XML format which exports the connections (not as graphics). Over time I have collected a lot of Scapples that I would like to export and process further with code, say, create a database or outline.

Unfortunately Scapple has plain text and OPML exporters that only export the nodes, but drop the connections. So it is kind of a “data in” one way street. Having an export option that keeps connections would be a killer feature.

:open_mouth: Ok, I just realized, I can parse the scapple file itself, as it is XML. (Good we talked about this.)

I was about to say! :smiley: We take care to design our XML files (in Scrivener as well) with you in mind. Have fun scripting them.

Having read the above, and thinking I understand, could there not be a way to export a board as a folder structure?

I can see that multiple connections to one node might create issues, so perhaps chop it off there, but otherwise keep the structure?

It would be less re-wrtiing/organization if a bit more of the folder structure could be preserved. Say: A contains BCD, where BCD are individual connections displayed as items in a folder(which I think SCR already does) but also E as a subfolder of D, which I am not sure SCR does.

Scapple doesn’t have folders, so it couldn’t preserve them. It does have shapes, which you can put notes on, and those will be exported as contained by those shapes with OPML and dragging to Scrivener.

There just isn’t a good way of preserving “structure” when you start thinking about connections though. This has already been discussed at length on the forum.