Scapple Feature Request

There is no dedicated Wish List for Scapple, right? Makes sense, Scapple should remain a not over blown app as you mentioned. There are two small ideas I would like to see integrated though.

First: I love how flexible I can throw notes anywhere on my Scapple Board and yes, there is almost no creativity without some sense of chaos, as we all know. For some projects though I would need a little more tidiness. When dragging one connected note, I would love the connection line to appear in a different style/color (just while dragging) once the line is either 100% horizontal or 100% vertical. That would make it a lot easier for bigger Boards to have everything nice and clean manually than by the Align and Distribute options. Those work great but sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle as what they do also impacts other notes in some unwanted ways. So the suggested “notification” while dragging would be an improvement in my view. Yes this is what Design Apps do. I know, Scapple is no Design app. Or is it? Well I like to design my Mindmap :smiley: (Oh and yes, but just as a little bonus to this, 45° diagonally would also be a nice addition)

Second: Having a Checkbox in the Inspector providing the option to always keep the same distance between notes. I know, that this would probably be the harder task to realize but it would be a nice addition to my above request.

Looked through the manual, but didn’t find anything like that. Sorry if I missed something.

EDIT: To further explain my first request: Given that all notes (bubbles ) have the same width, this would make it easier to have them showing up exactly in the same column as the one above or below.

I think there are a couple of other ideas that get requested now and then that might address what you are looking for in a simpler way. To be clear none of this is on a list of planned features or anything—just sharing some other common requests:

  • Visual grid and snapping: pretty much everything you want can be accomplished with that, with regards to keeping things flush along the edges and not staggered about.
  • Modifier+drag axis constraint: also similar to design software, holding down something like Shift while dragging would constrain movement along 45° intervals with the origin being on the note’s original middle point. Coupled with a grid, that satisfies the other desire for keeping things aligned along middles.

Unless you have Auto-size notes enabled in the General preference pane, that is—or if you ever resize a note.

I’m not following how that would work. Would this mean that Scapple would essentially become a strict grid like the corkboard? The only way to move a note in between two others would mean moving all of the other notes around in the grid? Why not just use the corkboard in Scrivener at that point? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response, took some time to focus solely on NaNoWriMo for the starting days.

Well okay, i hear you saying that none of those ideas are set to ever come alive. I would appreciate them both though, Visual grid and snapping and Modifier+drag axis constraint :slight_smile: For my idea, i only tried to keep Scapple as “untouched” as it is. No, as it should remain. However the concepts you posted do promise to do that in a even better way i think.

Regarding the Checkbox thing, the Corkboard doesn’t exactly mirror the way I work with scapple. I tend to have my notes worked out from left to right, north to south et vice versa . So it ends up in any crazy layout, that looks like you are playing the good old Snake game back on the old Nokia Phones. This is what i love about Scapple - Having my notes wildly spreaded. For some notes, during the plotting process I need comment bubbles above or below (if the snake goes from left to right/right to left at that scene) or left and right from the note if it goes from north to south/south to note. So far so good. That’s the Point where little Mr. Monk [*] comes alive within me. I would be more than happy to have those lines to the then comment bubbles being straight horizontaly or vertically. That is all.

I do understand though, that this may be a very special request and won’t happen :slight_smile: