Scapple for Ipad

Dear Team

Thanks so much for Scapple… It is a love story since the first moment…

Sure there will be some wishes and improvements but for now, my only wish is:

Is it possible to think about a near future Scapple for iPad???

Lots of my work is done on that Ipad (never had considered that a year ago!) and Index Card with SImple Note are already heavily used on this little marvel… the rest is done on my 15’ MacBook Pro (dreaming of a 27’ monitor now but we’ll…I can dream cannot I?)
So really, Scapple would be incredible… I am actually heavily relying on Ithoughts for iPad (marvelous but too structured for ideas, jotting, scribbling, relating, playing, whaterving…)

Is it a possibility?
Thanks and congratulations! Scrivener and Scapple are just a big “Wow”

Here you go: