Scapple for Windows - Public Beta Available

Hello all,

L&L’s newest software is now ready for beta-testing on Windows. Scapple is an app for getting ideas down quickly and making connections between them - it’s essentially based on the way we work out ideas on paper. It’s sort of a freeform mind-mapping app, I suppose. For full details, and to download the beta, please see this thread:

Scapple is available for purchase for Mac OS X, and is free for testing for Windows. We do not have a formal release date set yet. The beta will expire on the 15th of September, and will be reset if necessary to extend the beta period.

Happy bug hunting!

Thanks and all the best,
The Literature & Latte Team

Thanks so much for making this available for Windows!!

Very cool!


Would certainly like to give it a shot but am interested in the cost of the program once it is made available for sale.



It will be 14.99 USD; same as the Mac version.

Totally in line…