scapple for windows under wine?

i realise this forum is for scriv on linux, but this seemed like the place where someone may know the answer to what i was wondering…

does anyone know if scapple for windows runs under wine?? (hopefully on a 64bit system)


I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard it works pretty well. We even had a few people helping with the beta test before it was released, using WINE. There were some drag and drop issues, but I think they were cleared up. Definitely download the free demo though and make sure. You have plenty of days to figure out if it’ll be seamless enough to use on a regular basis.

Both Scrivener and Scapple run without need of winetricks overrides, if your version of Scrivener is 1.7 or above. So long as you’re using both Scapple and Scrivener under WINE, you can drag and drop between them.

I would highly recommend building WINE yourself. Most distro packages are horribly out of date.

Yes, Scapple works nicely under Wine on my SolydX linux system.

Updated (compiled with help from Garpu) Wine to ver. 1.7.19; installed Scapple for Windows in Wine drive C.

Drag & drop between Scapple & Scrivener 1.7.1 works smoothly; can open two or more Scapple work spaces; all functions seem to work well. Am very impressed, overall. Scapple is a nice tool.

isn’t Scapple awesome? I really wish I had both that and Scrivener when I was in grad school. I find myself using Scapple for a lot of different things, not necessarily writing-related. (Like keeping track of video game things, for instance.)

I sometimes use Scapple to think about Scapple features. Hmm.

That’s so recursive. :slight_smile:

What’s that oriental context/symbol? The snake swallowing its tail? :laughing: