Scapple Forum Section for "Using Scapple"


I just installed and started using Scapple as subscriber. Bought it without much testing for the minute price L&L wants for it; WTH - sponsoring a Burger Lunch for four is more expensive. Even Scrivener cost less than a good meal for two at an average restaurant - both Scrivener and Scapple produce exponentially much more than what one worthy enjoyment, processing and packaging the residue from a dinner does.

Is it not time to have a section to discuss the usage and features of Scapple? It does not fit into “Technical Support” any more; we need “Using Scapple”.

I would like to know, for instance, where I can get some “Note Styles” to import.

If I choose to make my own “Note Styles”, like an ellipse, Triangle or Polygon, what are the requirements for Scapple to be able to use the shapes?

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 22.20.34.png

Where I live, one single burger costs as much as Scapple does, I’d say the latter is quite a bit healthier too (even if the burger is Free Range Hormone Free GMO Free Gluten Free {yes, even the meat} Certified Organic Farm to Table, as no burger cannot be in Portland). :slight_smile:

At any rate, we haven’t had too much by way of usage discussion about Scapple (here and there for sure, but not enough for a whole board about it), at least since the early beta days. Whether that is for lack of having a field to play in, or because the software itself is simple enough for most people to just pick it up and go their own way with it, I couldn’t say

The note style feature is, for myself anyway, the sort of thing where I make new ones for every board. I don’t even reuse my own that much. You might be thinking the feature is quite a bit more complicated than it is—there are no shapes, for instance. It’s more like a formal way to store the settings that contribute to how one note looks and later on apply those settings to another note, without having to repeat all of the individual settings it would take to do so.

They are a bit like styles in a word processor for that matter. They capture things that exist, they do not allow one to introduce new concepts (like triangles) that do not exist.

Thanks for picking up a copy!

I’d second docland’s suggestion for a new “Using Scapple” section. Who knows, maybe more users are crawling out of the woodwork if it’s there?
I’ve made a “style repository” storyboard into which I have copied all my customized boxes, text and background shape styles; quite a few of these have come together over the last three years. Then I have renamed the styles in a meaningful way and have set the lot as the default styles available in any new document. I’ve also imported these styles into one or two boards I was working on at at the time – in both cases this meant having the sum of all my styles available. I’m hoping for a future “Export note style” feature that would allow easy sharing of the styles in our “Using Scapple” section!