Scapple hangs on closing documents

Just checking if I am still literally the only person on earth who finds that most of the time, closing the scapple document causes it to hang or freeze. does not seem to matter which Mac I’m using – have used literally four different Macs and the same thing happens. Does not seem to matter if I save a document first or not (saving it may trigger the freeze.). It has happened with always up to date Scapple versions. Talked to someone from L & L tech support who basically expressed empathy but had no solutions and apparently never had heard of the problem before. This feels insane. I wouldn’t care but I use multiple new Scapple documents in my work daily for gathering notes on clients. I literally end up having to force quit it multiple times per day. This is exasperating. Any suggestions?

I would try booting your Mac into safe mode to see if Scapple behaves properly there. If it does, that likely means that something else on your computer is causing the problem, like a plug-in or a program you have running in the background.

Thanks though that seems unlikely: it has happened across four or five different Macs across a number of years across every version of Scapple per updates., and I don’ t run a lot of exotic programs, or at least I’d think if some ordinary program messed it up, other people would have reported it. Issue mainly happens when I have a document open for a while, without adding to it. When I try to close it, it stops responding, just the beach ball… Go to Force quit and it does usually say "scapple is not responding. happens several times a day. But thanks, I’ll try. The trick with that test is that it is not always. replicable.