Scapple integration?

I was wondering if it would be an idea to built Scapple into scrivener. Wouldn’t that give more possibilities? Love both programs!


No - Scapple was built as a separate application for a reason. It would be impossible to make Scapple flexible if it needed to share all its menu items with Scrivener’s menu items, and Scrivener is fundamentally hierarchically structured whereas Scapple is freeform, so they do not map onto one another well. Glad you like both apps, though!

All the best,

I second the request, nonetheless.

Maybe not a full merger, but if the corkboard would gain just a few of the features of Scapple, it would be awesome. Most notably I’d like the simple feature of arrows or just connecting lines between cards. It would be a huge step towards making the corkboard much, MUCH more useful.

There’s no need to second a request which I’ve already explained won’t happen, and why. :slight_smile: Arrows between cards in corkboard mode would make no sense in Scrivener because they would have absolutely no relation to the rest of the application. The corkboard is already incredibly useful - for what it was designed to do.