Scapple Integration

Since Scapple is a really useful tool, please can we have it as a context menu option?

Right-click > File > Add > New Scapple Diagram

Also, it would be nice if Scapple files would display in the document without needing to convert to image files.

That would require the entirety of Scapple code being included in Scrivener, and all of Scapple’s menu items being tucked away somewhere in a Scrivener menu - it would essentially mean embedded one program inside another. That’s why Scapple is built as a separate tool.
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On the first bit, you can already do that with the 1.7 beta (soon to be released). All you have to do is put an empty .scap file into the document templates folder, and it will be added to the Project/New From Template/ sub-menu, green “Add” button in the toolbar and the contextual menu wherever the “Add” sub-menu appears within it.

That would do it! Thanks!

Would you mind saying where the document templates folder located? I’ve had a good search through and can’t find it. :confused: Thanks.

It probably doesn’t exist in your project yet; it is an optional feature. Just drop a new folder anywhere you like, select it, and use the Project/Set Selection as Templates Folder menu command. Now anything you put in there will show up in the main Project menu and the green add button. Additionally, the first item in this folder will get a dedicated shortcut.