Scapple is cool! + a feature request

I downloaded the trial version of Scapple yesterday. I was a little skeptical, since I’ve never found mind-mapping software useful, but when I read what it said on the website about not being forced to start with a central idea I wondered if that was what had given me trouble with mind-mapping before, and decided to give Scapple a try. Ten minutes later I bought the full version. An hour later I had mapped out the motivations of my three main characters in a visual way. I can see Scapple being very helpful indeed.

Now the request: I like that we can choose different textures for the background, but would it be possible to add the ability to replace the background with a large picture? (Which doesn’t tile but scales to the window when the window is larger than the picture.) Then I could choose a background that matches what I am writing, and really feel like I am in a different zone as I brainstorm and map things out over that picture. The picture could stay static while zooming and moving around the notes. Alternately it would be really cool if, provided the user chose a large enough picture, the picture shifted slightly underneath in a parallax-style effect when the user moved around the document.

I guess this fall under the heading of “making it look pretty,” which probably does hurt my productivity. But once I make it look pretty once, I usually get very productive afterwards. It’s like arranging a desk and writing area just how you want it. As it says in the manual when it talks about choosing a background texture, it “can even make you feel more productive!” :smiley:

I have also discovered Scapple in a similar way! Since my normal brainstorming/note taking on paper seems to resemble some hybrid of text, arrows, diagrams, and flow charts (and doodles), Scapple is the closest any software has come to a digital solution to my analog equivalent.

I would love it even more if there was a way to integrate a free hand drawing/handwriting, possibly through the use of a USB Wacom pad or something. Now THAT would be impressive!

Having used MindMap -software before, I miss ability to do following things:

  • choose the color of arrows
  • use curved arrows

And maybe, in far future, a possibility to several people to work with same Scapple document. That would be a majure WOW in this other wise awsome.

I’m in love both Scapple and Scrivener. Been writing different kinds of documents, both academic, journalistic and novels. I can’t understand how I did that all writing without Scapple and Scrivener. Nice job, guys! And still this affordable price.