Scapple is not OmniGraffle Lite

I’ve been reading some of the posts for feature requests and my gut reaction is to vociferously reject most of them. There ** ALREADY EXISTS ** software products that pretty up mental maps and diagrams.

Don’t do this to Scapple. It fills a niche that no other product does. It is a tool to rapidly coalesce thoughts. Keith, keep it lean and mean!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :slight_smile: That’s the intention we have, which doesn’t mean that the program will never change of course, but we’re happy with the way it works.

Glad you like it! As Ioa says, our intention is very much to keep it light and simple. I see its relationship to Tinderbox, OmniGraffle et al as something similar to the relationship between Byword and Scrivener: it’s just the very basics, something you use when you need to get ideas down fast without having to learn your way around.

Thanks and all the best,