Scapple killing a MacBook


Relatively new to Scapple and loving it. It’s installed on 3 MacBooks which I use and has an issue on one.

MacOS 10.13.6 MacBook Pro 15 (2017) 2.9Ghz i7 16Gb RAM with VMWare Airwatch Agent 3.1.0 installed

There is a pretty consistent issue. If I leave Scapple loaded when I sleep the machine bad things seem to happen. The MacBook tends not to sleep and I get the colourful wheel whirling away. Can’t get Force Quit to work and end up rebooting.

If I close Scapple down before shutting the lid I don’t get the problem (so I have a work around).

The two other devices I use (MacBook Air 11 and a 2011 MacBook Pro 13) don’t have the issue. All three devices have Dropbox and Bitdefender so the only noticeable difference is that the MacBook Pro 15 has the Airwatch agent running.

Just wondered whether this is a known issue with Airwatch or is it just me ?


I’m assuming the airwatch is a corporate thing. This may be difficult to fix if it is.

Airwatch seems to do this on a few different apps (don’t have the list as we dumped it). We had to white list apps that would get stuck in various states for sleep. I’m not 100% what the sequence is to white list and app (I’m the mgr so typically useless) but your IT team should be able to help you verify that there is a conflict on “scan” with Scapple and then point you to a whitelist request process (should your corp allow one).

Good luck.


Cheers. Thought it may be that. As I’m likely the only one in a 4000+ org using Scapple I’ll have to suck it up but good to know this may be an issue that we’ll see with other apps.


Drop the IT droids a ticket and ask them if they can look at the logs. It will be obvious (system logs as well as air watch) that it’s choking on scapple. They may choose to whitelist if there isn’t a patch for the exact error (we bailed on air watch before they fixed it).