Scapple Manual zip file will not unpack.

Good Day

I downloaded the Scapple user manual as a .scriv file, but un-archiver will not unpack. The error message is " Unable to unpack … into Downloads-(Error 2 No such file or Directory). I have tried on a couple of different Macs - Late 2008 MacBook running Sierra and Late 2012 Mac mini running High Sierra with the same result. Is it my systems or the zip file that gives the problem?


Doesn’t help you, but, FWIW, I get the same error.

Terminal reports:

Send email to support and let them know; they may not be monitoring this forum.

No need! I’ve uploaded a replacement copy, there was a problem with the .zip file on the server. The download should be 6,210,145 bytes.

New zip works.

Excellent. Thanks very much