Scapple Movement Mode

Is there a way to configure movement mode to be on all the time? If not, can I add it to the wish list?

And while I’m on a roll with Please may I have . . can I ask for the ability to add notes behind a Scapple note? :laughing: This would be like the notes you can add to a node in a mind map. I find that as I expand my thoughts the Scapple notes become so large they overwhelm the whole diagram.



Movement mode is a setting that is saved into the board itself. So along with any other preferred starting conditions you like, such as custom styles and so forth, one approach is to make a starter file and save it somewhere. Go into Finder and use “Get Info” on the board, and set the “Stationary Pad” option at the top.

Now when you load this using Finder, it will automatically duplicate it and open the duplicate, leaving the original untouched. If you do want to modify the original you can open it using Scapple itself (I’m not sure if that is an intentional loophole in macOS, but it has been that way for years now, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s reliable).

Thanks, Ioa.

I’ll set it up that way.