Scapple no longer recognzies that I own it

For a while now at startup, Scapple would tweak out and say it was unregistered. I’d turn it off and restart it and all would be well. Now it’s sticking to its story. It now says my trial is over and I have to pay for it. I bought it so long ago, I don’t have the original receipt and the eSeller site is also denying my I own it. I have have hundreds of Scapple documents. I even promote it at book events. This DRM sucks.

Is it possible you bought it from the Mac App store, but at some point downloaded the version from Lit & Lat? I’m having a similar problem with a different app, and deleting the program from /Applications and then downloading from my list of MAS purchases fixed the issue.

rdale you are a genius! I did that and now things seem to be working. Well done! Thanks!!!

Just a thought: what happens if you download Scapple from the Lit & Lat site and replace the one you got from the MAS? Does it prompt for license info again? I’m wondering if this is something to do with a recent tweak done by Apple, since these are two entirely different apps showing the same symptom. I know Keith had to add code that would detect you had previously run a MAS version of Scapple and use that to license the direct-from-Lit&Lat download version. Maybe something about that is now broken by Apple?

I am experiencing the same issue with Scapple. When I open a Scapple file, I get the message: “Scapple Trial, Scapple is Unregistered!..” I purchased Scapple from iTunes and have an invoice for it (but no license # indicated.) I also own Scrivener, however I believe my Scrivener edition was purchased directly from Literature and Latte. I only have the one edition of each. What to do?

Okay, so Apple support provided the following link:

Which proposes you delete the app and re-install from the App Store. I did and it seems to have resolved the problem.