Scapple no longer saves automatically

Not a biggie, but I have noticed that lately Scapple is no longer automatically saving every few seconds, as it once did. The red dot used to go back to clear quite quickly; now, I notice when I go to quit or close a Scap, I get the “do you want to save changes?” question. Even if I have done nothing in the app for a long time.

There doesn’t seem to be any setting in preferences that I could have accidentally changed. Moreover, the problem seems to be Scapple-specific, as Scrivener projects are auto-saving normally. So I am a bit stumped. Anyone have any ideas?


Scrivener uses its own custom auto-save system, as the new one that Apple introduced in Lion is not suitable for complex formats. Scapple, just being a simple single-file document format can take advantage of auto-save, so it will work like TextEdit, Preview and many other programs. They would be better things to compare against.

There is a setting that will disable auto-save at the system level. Check and make sure “Ask to keep changes when closing documents” is disable in the General system preference pane.

That was it! My hard drive recently died, and in recreating my system I must have tinkered with that setting (after all, it sounds like such a good idea, to ask before quitting!).

Thanks! Both for the solution and for the explanation of the difference between the two apps.

Happy New Year,