Scapple on Wine

I just converted my XP netbook to Linux and installed Scapple under Wine. I thought it might be useful to report my experience of what works and what doesn’t, for anyone else who might be thinking of going this route. This is on an Asus 1005HA running the MATE variant of Mint 16 with whatever version of Wine comes by default with that. (Edit: 1.4.1-0ubuntu7, according to Software Manager: I also have a dual-boot desktop with Mint 13 and Wine 1.4.0-0ubuntu4.)

Installation of Scapple works fine “out of the box.”

Manipulation of notes and boxes works fine.

Drag-and-drop of stuff from outside Scapple hardly works at all. I can drag images from an existing Scapple project, but not from my hard drive or browser. I can copy-and-paste text into a note from emacs but not from Scrivener, and dragging of documents from the hard drive doesn’t work at all: neither does dragging between Scrivener (the latest Linux beta) and Scapple.

Edit: In the Mint 13 system I can import .txt files (but not .doc or .odt) via copy-paste from the file system to the Scapple board, and also copy-paste (but not drag) PDF documents, which show up as garbled images but show properly when the file is opened in Windows, and image files, which work OK. There’s still no ability to copy or drag from the Linux Scrivener project. So there seems to be a regression in the Wine versions.

For my purposes (third computer, mostly used for writing at the library, and with a screen so small that dragging from other programs is awkward anyway) this is liveable, but obviously a lot of functionality is missing. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had a different experience or found a way to make things work better.

Haven’t found any tricks, yet. You can use WINE’s explorer to drag and drop into it. But, to be honest, I only use it as a glorified mindmap/whiteboard. Be sure to use the most recent version of Scapple, since it fixed a nasty bug with dragging/dropping within Scapple.

Oddly, Scapple’s update feature works, while Scrivener’s doesn’t for me under WINE. Go figure. (I’m using the most recent version of WINE.)