Scapple Outline Wish

New to Scapple and am finding it very useful for organizing academic papers. Writing can be a messy process but this simple program makes it so much fun.

I do have a request, one that may be already implemented and I am simply unaware. It would be very helpful if one were able to determine the order of the notes when exporting to a text document. My Scapple files are normally full of directional arrows with one idea leading to another. But, I have non-directional lines to sub-notes related to the main ideas. I would like to be able to add some sort of a tag to each note to tell Scapple “start here and then go here…” when exporting. Maybe something like #1 in a note and then #1a as a sub-note and then the next main idea gets #2 etc.

Thanks for the consideration.


Glad you’re liking Scapple!

Ordering the notes is left to the program you open the text in. Scapple does its best to follow the web and order things as best as it can, but obviously it has no way of knowing the intended order given that it is a freeform environment. To allow ordering in Scapple, you’d need a separate list of notes that you could drag into order, but you’d need to maintain it constantly, every time you added new notes or moved things around in the freeform area. Given this, it doesn’t really add anything to the process, given that you are going to have to shuffle them around either in Scapple or in the app you export to. Doing it in Scapple won’t reduce the number of times you need to do it. Therefore, I deliberately left anything like this out of Scapple. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith,

Thank you for the prompt response. What you describe makes sense and I may have jumped the gun with my request.

A bit more fiddling on my part reveals that Scapple does a nice job of keeping my outline in order via arrowed and non-arrowed connections. It just depends on the type of text export I ask for (e.g. list vs. non-list). Seems to cover what I wanted it to do in the first place.

The great thing about Scapple is the freeform environment but with the nice additional perks such as I described above. Really well done.