Scapple problem in Scrivener

In 2.4’s manual, it states that “If a .scap document is dragged into the Binder, it will imported as a normal file.” I tried to drag a .scap document into the Binder, but the Binder rejects it. I was also unable to import it as the .scap file was dimmed in the import window.

I’m running Snow Leopard.


Noticed the same, when my Scene/Draft folder was open. Clicked on the Research folder and tried again and, alas, the .scap document wasn’t dimmed out anymore, and I could import it. I could also drag the Scapple to the Research folder when the focus was on it, not on the Draft folder.


Yes, this is because .scap files are imported as-is, and only text files are allowed in the Draft folder.