Scapple Randomly Freezes on Opening

Thought I’d better report this. Sometimes when I open Scapple, clicking in the window to create a note etc results in the program freezing. I have Windows 10, a powerful computer, and a good internet connection. I’m using Windows built in security. Hope this helps!


It was (probably) an issue with Windows Firewall.

Fix was to whitelist both Scapple.exe, and a billing app called Paddle.exe (found in a sub folder of the Scapple installation.)

Paddle is the licensing vendor that L&L uses for Scrivener and Scapple. Since it needs to make regular calls to the network licensing server, not allowing firewall access could absolutely cause an issue. Good catch!

Thing is, it worked fine before, so this is one of those Windows Update Broke My PC stories. Hope this helps other people.