Scapple still being developed?

I just discovered Scapple and quite like the app. On second look, I found that the last version came out sometime in 2017, so I’m wondering if its worth buying, considering that I’m planning to update to Mojave soon and have read that there are some compatibility issues.

Thanks for your input.

Thanks for checking out Scapple! It’s a simple utility that was made several years ago, and as such it isn’t something that is worked on obsessively and undergoing a constant state of revision and updates, these days. We do keep it running though, and add enhancements from time to time as well.

I’m not aware of any major compatibility issues between Scapple 1.3.1 and 10.14, not sure where you read that! I’m sure many people are using it with that combination (I do). We will be putting out a small Dark Mode update at some point, but that’s more of an enhancement than a fix.

I have seen no compatibility issues with Mojave. Perhaps this is a good spot to sing the praises of the application: Scapple, like Scrivener, is so good that I would have paid three times the license fee without a second thought. At first I didn’t think I needed it (having discovered Scrivener and being already very happy with how it improved just about every aspect of my thesis writing efforts). But the two applications are simply wonderful together. My thesis Scapple document, containing the entire conceptual structure, is viewable inside Scrivener, and no good idea is left unpunished anymore.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll use the holidays to update my system and then test again and get my license as soon as I find that it works.

I really like the way Scapple works compared to other MindMapping Software, especially the option to have nodes without parents, and the minimal design. Therefore, I’d hate to see its development abandoned.

Glad to hear you like how it’s put together! Like I say, we’ll have an update out in a bit with 10.14 Dark Mode support; so while it may not get frequent feature updates (that was last year, when connection labels and the style panel was added), we do work to keep it modernised and bug free.