Scapple trial - fails to drag to Scrivener

Hi all,

I’m a happy user of Scrivener and thought I’d give Scapple a go. I’m using it on a trial at the moment, and I don’t know if some of the features are disabled. Currently no notes will drag and drop from Scapple into the freeform corkboard or binder or anywhere else on Scrivener. I’m running OS X 10.8.4 (12E55).

I’d be grateful for any tips or feedback,


Thanks for giving Scapple a trial! There is nothing disabled in the demos—it just timed to expire after 30 days of usage. The first thing to check is your Scrivener version. Since Scapple was released fairly recently, older versions of Scrivener will not know what to do with Scapple notes. So use the main Scrivener application menu to "Check for Updates…`, and let the updater run if necessary and give it another shot after the software reloads.


Thanks Amberv. I have gone back to the Mac after a spell on the PC, so having bought Scrivener first a few months back for an old Mac, I then bought the PC version, and now have transferred the app from my old Mac to the new one. Long story, but I had basically overlooked the fact that I had copied an old version. It prompted me for an update earlier today funnily enough and now it works.

Thanks again,


Great! Glad that was all it was.