Scapple users: how do you keep working on your Scapple files when on iPad?

This isn’t a ‘where is the Scapple for iPad app’ post - i’ve read the posts that say there isn’t one. I’m just wondering what the workarounds are given I know a lot of Mac users like myself tend to work on their iPads as well. Is there an app that can edit Scapple formatted files? Or am I better off just using something other than Scapple that has both Mac and iPad compatibility?

I’ve tried a bunch of mind mapping and whiteboard apps, and I just can’t find anything else that is so simple and great as Scapple.

When the need is there, I use OmniGraffle to “draw” using iPad. Coincidently, use same on macOS. Other iOS apps exist.

I use Goodnotes on the iPad, with an Apple Pencil. There is a Mac OS version, but without the Pencil interface it is merely adequate.

Thanks - I wondered if there was a way to open Scapple boards in other apps, but I am assuming not.

I use pen and paper on the go, for this kind of stuff; always seemed the natural counterpoint to Scapple anyway, and I don’t have to worry about carrying around a grand in delicate equipment to all of the places where I might have a sudden thought.

But as to why nothing opens Scapple files: very few things work much like it, for one thing, but another thing is that it’s a rather obscure, niche tool with its own file format (since again, nothing much else works like it does). The comparison to “mind mapping” tools is very thin, though on the surface it may seem they are similar. Scapple if anything has more in common with InkScape, Adobe Illustrator or Dia—at least in how it describes information visually rather than as a part of a central, hierarchically dominated structure.