Scapple v1+ ??

I think I saw someone from L&L saying the there were plans to develop Scapple beyond v1.0.
Can anyone confirm / deny this?


OK - my apologies, I have just found the previous thread again.

To recap, the answer appears to be that no, nothing small will be done to Scapple. But at some point when L&L have the resource, they may possibly do something large to Scapple. Something like that?


The plan is definitely to update Scapple - there are a few things I want to do for free updates. The trouble is that resources have been tied up in Scrivener updates recently, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten Scapple (which I use all the time for my own work). I did design Scapple with the intention that it would remain simple and lightweight, however, so I never planned to add too much to what was already there. But, as I say, there are a few enhancements that I plan to make.

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It would at least be nice to see the Windows version keep up with the improvements made to the Mac version.

(That said, I just purchased the Windows version. Very nice for the price and it does work pretty well.)

(“That said” said, I did notice a significant bug in Windows, for which I’ll make a post… :wink: )


Let’s hope it doesn’t take many years… I used a trial version in the past and found it lacking (although not as constricting as other mindmap apps) but most of all the user interface looked EXTREMELY outdated as if the application was written in Assembler. I seriously needs rework to make it even appealing. For that reason I chose other apps depending on what I needed to do.

@latinmusePTY, out of curiosity, what other app did you settle on?

@CaptEpsilon I realise this is an older post but I use Freeplane for my mindmapping.

It’s free from here and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I find it handy because (like Scapple) I can drag lists from it directly into Scrivener (3 for Windows).

That looks interesting, thanks for the recommendation.

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