Scapple wraps to new line after opening quotation mark

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I can’t repeat that. If I write something and enter a quotation mark " the quotation mark stays with the following letter whenever wrapping occurs.

How are you entering the quotation mark?

I don’t have that problem either. Are you sure you haven’t accidentally typed a space between the quote mark and “quotation”? That’s how I can make it happen.



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I absolutely sure.

I think what is happening here is I am Swedish — meaning that the standard fo opening and closing are the same typographical glyph, namely the one that looks like two commas but in the air (see screenshot below).

My computer converts straight quotes into correct ones as I type, which is how I want it to be.
Your computer probably does the same, but into the English standard which works as it should.

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It could depend on the font. I have no problems with Swedish keyboard.

Not related to font – see below.

Also, Swedish keyboard dos not matter per se, unless “correct typographical quotes” are on (and the active language is Swedish.)

In fact, copy this text as-is into a note in Scapple and resize until the quoted text wraps:

These are the Swedish typographical ”quotation marks”

(Perhaps also notable is the fact that I am running Big Sur – have not tried the latest version of Scapple on any other system)

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I have didferent language on different Macs but have not seen this behavior and can’t reproduce what you are showing. But I am not running Big Sur on any Mac.