I am an avid user of Scrivener and Scapple both. I was just wondering if any of the Scrivener Linux-based users here were as interested as I am in a Scapple Linux beta? I’m still very much a coding newbie so I couldn’t help to make it but perhaps if others were interested then something could be started?

I would have posted this in the Scapple sections of the forums but felt this was the best section of the forums for finding Linux users.

I bought Scapple for use with WINE. I’d happily buy it again for Linux. Scapple’s awesome. (Even better if it integrated with the Linux version of Scrivener.)

Yeah I bought the Windows copies (as originally I was using Windows) and have run Scapple through Wine but I too would happily buy a Linux version should one become available :slight_smile:.

I’d definitely buy whomever a beer the next time they were in my country, if there was a Scapple port.