Scapples gone from folder. Is there any way to recover?

Opened my scapples folder and all files are no longer there. I have searched everywhere on my pc and nothing.
Is there any form of recovery method similar to scrivener? I have lost a complex and elaborate series of scapples that have planned out half a dozen projects including one I am 90,000 words into and cannot afford to lose.

A Scapple board is just a file. It’s not a complex structure like a Scrivener project.

As with any other file, if it’s entirely missing, that means that either you or a process (not Scapple itself) operating on your computer either deleted or moved it.

So the options are the same as they would be for any other missing file: search to see if it was misplaced, and restore from backup if it wasn’t.


I have had the same issue. Two extremely complicated scaps disappeared from my folder without me touching them. And before you say that it had to have been user errror, I never, ever move or delete vital files.
Both gone from my pc and my scapple folder empty.
I asked on a user created FB page and was told the same thing. No-one wanted to listen to what the actual facts were.