Scare about my licence notification

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Hi. Oh. Help. What is happening. When I opened my novel in progress this morning, Scrivener told me that my license was no longer good? What a worry. I have over 500 pages of writing… How scared I was! I haven’t transferred Scrivener to another computer, it’s been the same one for a few years so what’s going on? I managed to reintroduce my license but with the fear of losing everything! I’m using Scrivener 3. Do you have any idea what’s happening (or happened)? THANKS.

Hi JackBroadstone. We typically will not address licensing issues on the public forum because there isn’t a good way to safeguard the personal data here.

Deactivations could be something as simple as a security tool preventing Scrivener from confirming its license. Or, it could have another cause.

For Windows tech support, please send an email to:

We can assist with license activation issues through a private help ticket.

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THANKS. I will inquire as described in your message. It was just a general question because I had re-registered my license.