Scared textless - an introduction

Hi all,

I’m not a writer, yet. Or at least, I write but have not written enough to publish.

In a brief intro, I’m an American born naturalised New Zealand citizen living in Switzerland. Writing has been a dream for me for probably a decade, but until September last year I never seriously put my fingers to the keyboard. Now I’m about 20% of the way through my first real novel, and slowly forging ahead. My novel is having a hard time fighting against the fact that I have a job and several games loaded on my computer. . .

So, I have made the next step. Since Word is just rubbish at helping me organise my writing, and after trialling a few demos out, I purchased Scrivener and joined the forum here. When I have found my footing I’ll post some of my work. That thought scares the living daylights out of me, but if I wish to publish then I had better get used to more than just friends and family seeing what pours out of my head!

Thanks and kind regards

Welcome aboard! You couldn’t find a better place to procrastinate* than amongst the crew of the Lit’n’Lat forums.

[size=85]That’s a lie. There are many better places: Switzerland might be one, so you’re onto a rough start. Certainly the beach is. As is the park, the back yard, a cafe, anywhere with dogs, most libraries, any art gallery (even the bad ones with local “art”), doing the dishes, washing the car or visiting someone’s mother-in-law. You might even add work to the list of places that can provide good procrastination opportunities from writing. You know, it’s a wonder any of us post here at all. Except that posting requires typing, typing implies words, words means writing. So, by posting here, we’re writing*.

**Get out while you still can… [/size]

Scottie!! you are an utter and total wast of space!! Fancy telling him that, when you know damn (Opps :blush: sorry about the rude word), well that once you join the crew of this decrepit old boat… there ain’t no way out!! Nobody gets off! Tch!tch! He’s doomed… we all are. :frowning:

Welcome (for what it’s worth) aboard, trente-neuf
PS A word in your shell-like, young man, DO NOT expose yourself to much…well not at all, really… to the bunch of barracudas and piranhas that crew this Sewage Transporter.

Procrastination? Don’t mind if I do!
So, I wonder why Thirty-Nine is called Thirty-Nine…?

01 - They were born in 1939
02 - Their age
03 - They have visited a Machine Of Death and learnt that they will die in 2039
04 - They have 38 older siblings
05 - They have 7 too many teeth
06 - They have 5 too few teeth and are a pig
07 - Their IQ is 139, but they don’t like to boast
08 - Their real name is Yttrium
09 - They are a big fan of The Thirty-Nine Steps
10 - They have a list of 38 less interesting forum names
11 - They were born in North Dakota
12 - Their real name is Roy Campanella
13 - They lived in Illinois, and worked in Wisconsin (or vice versa)
14 - The length of time in months they’ve been in jail
15 - They were born with a toe missing
16 - Their average words per minute, typing
17 - Their average words per day, writing
18 - They have a 39" waist
19 - They wear a size 39 dress
20 - They are an Afghan pimp
21 - The number of times they stir their tea before drinking it
22 - They tried 38 writing software programs before settling on Scrivener
23 - The number of colours in their Christmas jumper
24 - The number of cats they live with
25 - The number of ideas for novels they have to write
26 - They are Japanese, and very thankful
27 - They have 38 other hobbies
28 - The number of attempts it took to get through the forum sign-up Captcha system
29 - Their house number
30 - The number of tattoos they have on their face
31 - The number of years they have wanted to write
32 - The number of weeks their single was in the Top 10
33 - The number of friends they have on Facebook
34 - The years left until their retirement
35 - The number of KitKat fingers they eat during a typical writing session
36 - The number of minor felonies they have committed without being caught
37 - The number of herbs and spices they put in their secret recipe chicken
38 - The advance (in thousands) they got for pre-selling the rights to their unwritten novel
39 - The real reason

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the distraction. I actually can’t remember what I was supposed to be doing right now.

Hehe! Nearly right. Except there are two reasons I chose thirty-nine.

I suppose I should explain that then!

Reason the first: The name of one of my characters, in part.
Reason the second: I chose the name for my character because one of my favourite Queen songs is… hmm, now I’ve forgotten… :smiley:

(And regarding 22, I did try a few, but only three, and Scrivener was one of the three. It was so obviously superior I couldn’t see the need to try it against others).

Thanks for the welcome all!

I did wonder if Brian May’s soulful science-fiction, time-travel, folksy-rock-ballad was involved. Now I’ll have it as an ear worm for the rest of the day.

Thank you. :smiley:

My work here is done!