Scared to update!!

I love, love, love Scrivener!! And I am really excited to update…BUT…my novel is about 3/4 finished (first draft) and I am really paranoid about losing it in the update process I would tell you how many MB or GB or whatever but I don’t know how to find that out. Let’s assume lots :slight_smile:). Here’s my question/fears:

I have an iMac (1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo), with 1.5 GB of memory. My machine is about 4-5 years old??
I am currently running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 (Tiger). I have not updated to Snow Leopard yet, although I want to (am afraid of losing my “stuff” - do you sense a theme here?? :blush: ) However, I am planning to get the Snow Leopard update soon and will brace myself and just do it!!

So…will Scrivener 2.0 work with Tiger?? Or should I wait until I get Snow Leopard and then update Scrivener?? And…is there any possibility of losing my project in this update??? I know, there is no guarantees, but…

Thanks for your help and for the GREAT product that is Scrivener…


Hi :slight_smile:

I just updated in the middle of NaNo. I know, I don’t think I was thinking straight! :slight_smile: But apart from a couple of heart stopping moments when I couldn’t work the activation code, and then couldn’t find my file, it all went swimmingly :slight_smile:

I have no idea about your system, and as you say, there are no guarantees. I suppose 2.0 will still be there when your novel is done - so if you’re really worried, just wait :slight_smile: I do know that at the moment you can redownload the previous version if the 2.0 install doesn’t work.

Good luck with whatever you decide :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t update.

Until you go out and get an external drive like:



And then download Carbon Copy Cloner

to make a perfect copy of absolutely everything on your iMac. Then you can think about upgrading to Snow Leopard or Scrivener 2.0 with complete peace of mind.


Thanks for the info, all. Dave, I will definitely look into the external hard drives as you have suggested - something I have been thinking about for awhile now anyways. I think for now I will wait until I update to Leopard and then get the Scrivener update. That seems to make the most sense to me.


Don’t wait to make a full back up. Do it now! External drives are cheap compared to losing your writing, your photos, your music collection etc. etc.

SuperDuper is similar to Carbon Copy Cloner, but has a simpler interface (or did when I compared them a few years ago). It also has excellent tech support, on the Literature and Latte level of speed and thoroughness.

Actually, what I really recommend is to get two external hard drives, and use one for Time Machine, always plugged into your Mac, and clone your hard drive to the other with CCC or SuperDuper. Keep the cloned one somewhere offsite – at your office, for example, in case you get burgled at home. Bring it home and update it once a week. (If you are really cautious, get three hard drives, one for Time Machine, and two for SuperDuper to clone to, and always leave one clone off-site, swapping them once a week.)