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So have we reached a stage where everyday and affordable technology is powerful enough that a material proportion of the population are too stupid to use it?

Perhaps people should be forced to show academic certificates before they can buy a smartphone. Or maybe the wireless settings on mobiles should require the user to solve a logic problem before allowing access.

Or maybe I should go buy a portable wireless router and hang out in London train stations…

Perhaps the credit card warning should have had a marching-ants border and flashed neon colors and been in size 42 font, to avoid signers later storming around outraged griping that the access agreement was underhanded.

It’s not the average person buying a phone that is at fault, it’s the people making the phones and marketing underdeveloped, weakly integrated, products bereft of strategic security measures to a public that rightly doesn’t care about that kind of stuff because that is what the specialists should be handling for them, in the same way that the specialists figure out how to make air bags deploy without smashing your face.

These well educated and specifically intelligent people, crammed into cubical farms with narrow understanding of what they are working on with the environment of corporate secrecy that exists. It’s little wonder you get flawed integration, even within the same product itself (iPhone full-body jamming switch), and weak security. Couple that with a natural human desire to make things easier on themselves, and a seductive new range of technologies that promise to reduce facial wrinkles in 10 days (cloud sync) and you have a recipe for privacy disaster.

This is nothing new; we’re just doing it faster now.

Hold up! No one told me that about cloud sync! Where do we sign?! Does it make you lose weight, too?

Well, if you believe the bit about high-frequency radio waves causing brain cancer…

No, no, no - they cause testicular cancer. Who carries their phone in their hat?

Think about that again, Scottie. How often have you heard it said of the human male, “He’s got his dick between his ears and his brain between his legs.” Mind you, come to think of it, the same could be said for some of the dirty old toms that frequent these parts.
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