Scary scenario ???

Do you ever wonder if our heads are so far up our own arses, that, as a race of supposedly, sentient beings, we`ve totally lost the plot? … e_3825.cfm … 97,00.html


I tried to read the Guardian article but was so bored I lost the will to live.

I am now extinct.


no you`re not…yet!


I am !

This is one of the undocumented features of Leopard. You can carry on writing gibberish (designed in Cocoa) whilst you are lying artistically dead on the floor.

Its in a sub directory of disk utilities as it mimics someone working on a machine while the admin monitors and alters settings.



Youre lying on the floor, because thats where you collapsed, when you came home from the pub last night, ratarsed!

Pissartistic expression, doesnt require the aid of modern technology (unless its of the brewing and distilling kind).

Headuparsery is a symptom of: denial; delusion, or narcism. Any or all of which can blind us to the fact that: Craig Vintner and Bill Gates are pool playing buddies ( a well known fact among the Stockport Bootleg Software fraternity).

Who knows what nasty little synbio entities, Craig can come up with, programmed to seek out, with their pathogenic embrace, all things Apple.

It`s enough to drive one to drink.


PS I suppose you`ve heard about words spoken in jest

Actually, Craig VINTNER is a very likeable pub singer, from Droylsden Gt. Manchester; does a lot of work for charity. The guy we have to keep our eye on, is Mr J Craig VENTER. Hes the one who wants to save??`the World.

I am dead.

I smell dead.


You are not dead!!

Its just your very own synbio entities` you can smell.

Go and have a shower and stop behaving like a friggin drama queen.


Aww, come on Vic, face it. The clues are all around you. I mean, undocumented big cat features are not to be trifled with, and you don’t get felines much bigger than a leopard. Thequietone. Doesn’t that tell you something? Since when did ‘dead’ equate to ‘noisy’? You’re a big-hearted soul - that’s beyond doubt - but if someone’s more comfortable being moderately quiet and very dead, then who are you to interfere?


The Beast of Bodmin roars again!!

If one of Craig Venters, escaped mutated synbio entities, sinks its nasty venomous fangs, into the arse of the Beast, or any other part of its anatomy, the Beast will be lucky if its able to raise a squeak, as it dissolves into a blob of putrafacted slime.

Thequietone is an anagram of the name of a Soho drag artist: QUEEN-TIT-E-HO. Like I said, “A friggin drama queenâ€

Tetchy tetchy…

All that Mancunian wrath; you’re not per chance related to the Gallagher brothers, are you?


Good morning, Beastie Boy,

Me tetchy!!! Unheard of!!

Would that be the Gallaghers who used to make PARK DRIVE ciggies; or the Gallaghers who make that frightfully racket masquerading as music?

Actually, I do like their musical contribution to the cultural malaise, but theyre not exactley Motley Crue`, are they.


Good evening young Vic

I was indeed referring to that verdant oasis of Northern talent, the brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. While not laying claim to any refined appreciation of their combined musical accomplishments, I am nonetheless in complete awe of their steadfast capacity to retain a sense of solid proportion within the capricious maelstrom of celebrity idolatry that is today’s popular music industry. Their consistent bonhomie, obvious clean living and explicitly honest appreciation of fellow artistes is enough to bring a tear to the eye. In fact, I find myself crying every time I hear them.


Ah… Judders…you old schmooser you,

“Young Vic”. It does possess a certain, je ne sais quoi, a hint of the thrusting young buck; the victorious conqueror; the youngest Knight at the Round Table, I could go on ad infinitum, but modesty forbids…

Youre probably crying because youve got earache. That`s only one notch down from toothache.

Apropos your question regarding any unfortunate connection to those two tinkers. There is a link, albeit a tenuous one. My wife taught at St Bernards, their primary school. All of which, has nothing whatsoever to do with Craig Venter, any mention of whom you have studiously avoided.

So, whats your take on Craigs munificent intentions and plans for saving the planet?

Noise pollution of the environment, courtesy of the brothers, will be as nothing, compared to what could happen if Venter`s plans gang a-gley.

So…what do you think? You too thequietcorpse.


What’s my take? My take? I assure you sir, by the cloned wool in my ears, the cloned clone on my back, and the magnificent microbe I’m taking samba lessons from, I do not take. I exist only to give.


I see it all now.

What a fool I`ve been.

It`s already started!!

This thread has degenerated into a verbal joust, twixt, Hairsuitum Posterious Weldicus and a VENTERCROBE! Jeeeeezz!!

Im outta here. Zero out my hard drive and do a clean reinstall. If that dont work, Ill just have to spray everything (in my Writers Room), with the perfume my sister in law left behind, the last time she and her family visited (invaded). Nothing can survive that, I hope.

And by the way, IM THE ONE WHO EXISTS ONLY TO GIVE, at least thats what my wife seems to believe.