Scene Completely Vanished?

So I started a new project about a day ago. Since I haven’t closed the platform in between starting the project and now, there’s no back-up.

I finished writing up a scene, then went to resort some other files. When I did so, the scene file just completely vanished. Like poof, gone without a trace. I went looking to see if it got merged with other files or something, but there was no record of it, and project statistics registers my entire word count as zero. I honest to god don’t even know what happened to the file-- if it got deleted or something else. I can’t undo and there’s nothing in my trash.

I have saved quite a bit since starting this project, so is there anyway I can restore an old save file? I know I won’t be able to get back the whole scene, but at least most of it would be nice. This is just super stressful and frustrating, especially since the scene in question (4k words) was pretty fire, and I really don’t want to have to go back and rewrite the entire thing. Any luck??

Which version of Scrivener are you using?

When you write “file”, are you then referring to a document in the Binder?

And what do you mean by “resort some other files”? Exactly what did you do?

The reason for my questions is that more detailed information is needed if you are to get any help. Otherwise, we have to guess what you did.

Version is the most recent, I believe-- File does refer to documents-- specifically the blank writing documents that are automatically titled ‘scene’ in the typical book manuscript format. By resort, I literally mean resort-- I went to drag some other files (not the scene file) in the binder around so they were listed in a different order when the program literally glitched and my scene file disappeared (hence why I’m so confused). Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough for you, this is my first time posting to the forum

When you talk about parts in the Binder, within Scrivener, please refer to them as documents. If you talk about files, it gives the impression that you somehow manipulated the actual files in Windows, which will probavly corrupt the project.

Saving while you write is not necessary because Scrivener saves every time you stop writing for a few seconds.

If you had Scrivener set up to backup on project close and never closed it, then you have no backups. For the future it is probably wise for you to set it up to backup on manual save (under Tools - Options).
When you say the project is not in the Trash, are you referring to Scrivener’s internal Trash?

Try doing a project search for words or short phrases that you can recall from that document. It’s likely just been filed away somewhere unexpected, as you can’t remove a document or folder from a scrivener project by dragging.