Scene Heading Auto-Complete Bug

When in screenplay mode I begin typing “INT.” on a Scene Heading line the auto-complete options appear. If I press TAB everything work fine. But if I continue typing “INT.” manually when I hit the period the program automatically jumps a space, then adds an additional period. So I wind up with…

INT. .

I’ve played around with it, and notice the speed at which I’m typing makes a difference. If I’m typing “INT. GROCERY STORE - DAY” extremely fast and I hit the spacebar right after the period it prints normally. If I slow down between the period and the spacebar it becomes


I’m working on a MAC POWER PC G5, OSX 10.4.11

I did a search to see if this was already reported but didn’t find it. Sorry if this is a repeat.


This is fixed for 2.0.

Thanks and all the best,