Scene heading keeps changing to general text

Anyone know why an element i set as a scene heading would switch to a general text element ---- i reset it - move around in the text - then click on the scene heading again and it’s back to being a general text… this only happens on some of my scenes - not all… and also when i go to print it out as a pdf (by selecting “all” / pasting it in Word / saving as pdf doc… these “scenes” have a strange " . INT" kind’ve heading… with a period then a space preceeding the INT ---- rather than the others which look like the normal "INT. " thing… strange… !! thanks for any insight… T

Is this a project you could send to us for examination? It sounds like something odd with these scenes and it would probably take a lot of back and forth to figure it out. If that’s okay with you, send a zipped copy of the project to support [size=80]at[/size] literatureandlatte [size=80]dot[/size] com, attn. Ioa.

i cant send as it’s a confidential script and i dont have permission to send… however i will say i have selected the Scriptwriting format / and if i change an element from Action to General… then change it back… it stays as General / even after i select (change) it to Action again… if i then click on the Dialog and click back to the action text it reverts to the general element where it remains… really weird… but it’s completely messing with my pages and print out… hmmm…

Here’s an example of what’s happening… this is what happens when i select the files and paste them into a new Word doc :

MAMÁ and LAURA enter.
Sorry we’re late. The movie was longer than I thought.
MAMÁ looks around. Realizes no one’s home. Her face saddens.
Go get ready for bed. And brush your teeth good.

LAURA peeks from behind her door. Sees her MAMÁ stand in the dark living room. Holds an oval mirror in one hand. And a matching hairbrush in the other.

… for some reason the second Scene Heading - which when clicked on in Scrivener reads as General Text even though I change it to Scene Heading… doesn’t retain the Scene Heading element change… it also puts a “period” and then some space before the INT… and if i click on it, it “says” it changed it but then doesn’t… same with the “Action” under the Second Scene heading (which is now listed as General Text… what used to be Action is now also General text — it’s like whatever i change to general text then ALWAYS remains general text / even though i change it back to the type of element i want it to be…

Okay, I’m assuming that if you duplicate one of the documents that has a stray dot in the front when exporting, this problem carries over to the duplicated document as well? Just trying to figure out if the dot is coming from the RTF file that holds the script, or if it is coming from the compiler. It might be related to the problem; certainly sounds probable given the correlation, and thus is in the file itself and so should carry over with duplicate.

What happens if you create a new script, and copy and paste everything but the slugline into it. The manually type in the slugline again the new document. Does that one now work as expected?

Okay, what happens if you select the slugline and use Paste and Match Style directly over itself, replacing the old text. Does the dot appear?

And just to verify; I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but you don’t see this dot in Scrivener at all, right? It all looks normal (element reversion problem aside).

i think it is related to the stray dot… although i dont see any in the document… i place the cursor to the left of the INT and there’s no extra space / dot / etc…

it appears the same as any of the other (proper) scene headings… it’s really weird ! out of maybe 124 scenes it did this to six of them… and when i try to correct it / it starts changing elements (like action) to General — then when i try to change that section of text (a paragraph say) back to Action, it somehow makes the following one General - and this propagates !

Fortunately it only sounds like a few scenes. Did my experiment with creating a new scene file and using Paste and Match Style work? If so, it would probably be easiest to recreate these six scenes from scratch. Copy and paste using the Paste and Match Style, and then just go through and fix all of their elements back. Verify that no gremlins have transferred over, and then delete the old version with the flaw.