Scene name changes by itself

I have encountered a bug several times and hope you can fix it. My scene names will change by themselves when I am editing the scene’s text (not the scene name). It will adopt another scene’s name, giving me two scenes with the same name. It is a frustrating problem, and I don’t know why or when it happens. Has this bug been brought to your attention before?

We’ve seen a few reports of this, but haven’t been able to find a reproduction case. If you’re able to make this happen on purpose, we would love to know what steps to follow.

Have you specifically assigned a name to the problem scene, though? If the scene is autofilling a name from the body text, it’s normal for the name to change if the body text changes.

The names have been assigned, but upon editing the content of the scene, the names will change to another name that exists somewhere else within the project. Here is an example.
I can send an image of the problem, but don’t know why or when it occurs.

Your example wasn’t attached.

Your description was pretty clear. As I said, we’ve seen a few other reports, but haven’t been able to nail down a cause.

Is the new name random, or is it a scene that you had edited recently? Or changed the name of recently?

Sorry, it woud not let me send a screencap.

If you have an email, I can attach a screencap.

You can message me on the forum by clicking my user name.

It might be better to open a support ticket, though, so we can consolidate reports internally.

Thanks. I just sent an email to support and referred to your user name. I appreciate your help.