Scene Separators

I noticed in a Kindle eBoom I was reading a nice thick dark gray line for a scene separator. I always have my kindle set to a “sepia” background because it is easier on my eyes. I am working on a Scrivener template that uses separators so I decided to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to make a thick gray line. When I added it as a separator, here we too little space between the line and the text.
Since kindle doesn’t support images with transparent backgrounds, add height that ways as out of the question.

I went back to "* * ", but also noticed that this too really needed a couple more blank lines.

How can I control the vertical spacing of separators?
* *\n doesn’t work––you actually see the \n’s

Hi, David. I just tried this using ctrl-return before and after the separator. The display in the compile dialog is confusing (it’s just one line and doesn’t “show invisibles”— you have to use the arrow keys and scroll back and forth and it can look like your separator is gone, but it’s not). Nonetheless, it showed up the way I believe you intended in the compiled output.

I am amazed. It works just as you say except that since the Compile => Separators input boxes only show the last line, the input box appears empty. I was also amazed that on macOS the keyboard shortcut for soft-return or line-break is CTL+Return.


Only in Scrivener - it’s usually either Cmd-Return or Shift-Return (e.g. in Facebook).