Scene text is missing


Last night I saved my project as usual and shut the computer down imediately after exiting Scrivener. When I came back all of my work was intact except for the scene that I was working on. The scene is still there, including the RTF file, but it is completely blank, weeks of work simply vanished.

I reviewed my back up zips (unfortunately i had the only keep the last 5 option on) but the rtf file for that scene was blank in those as well. It was multiple pages long and had spaces where the words used to be. I did open and closed Scrivener a couple of times during my panic which might have pushed the older backups out.

I this a known bug? Why would it affect only that one scene? Is there any hope of getting the text back?


When you say “spaces where the words used to be” do you mean that only the words are gone, but the punctuation is still there? Or there are lines and lines of emptiness? If the second, is it possible that somehow the text color for that particular document was changed to white (or whatever color your editor background is) or the text has been highlighted in white, obscuring it behind a wall of color matching the editor?

No punctuation, just 6 pages of empty lines. I checked for the color being changed as well, but no dice. It’s just empty spaces now.