scene titles not in caps [ok];bad subchapters [not ok]

My (attached) scriv file is producing strange results in my epub and pdf compiles (attached).

The first, third, fourth and fifth chapter’s first scene’s title is in italic caps, the subsequent ones are italics but not caps.

BUT, the second chapter’s first three scenes are in italic caps, the rest are in italics only.

This does not happen in the pdf, but does in the epub…

[[edit: this seems to have gone away upon updating]]

The numbering of the subchapters (in chapter 2) do not restart at one, but continue at 3, so the real chapter 3 becomes chapter 5…This happens in both epub and pdf.

Also…does anyone know how to get subchapters/scenes to appear in the table of contents?

[[this seems to still be happening]]

thx in advance…
Bad (163 KB)