Scenes think they are chapters, chapters are confused

I have a really weird problem with document parts thinking they belong to different levels. End result is I can’t get chapter title to compile properly. It’s not a general problem - I’ve done this hundreds of times, but seems to be related to one file. Problem is, even if I copy the individual scenes to a FRESH document, it carries over the error. See the scenes surrounded in a red line - they should NOT think they’re a folder. Has anyone seen this before?

I also added a new level, and still the old scenes don’t know where they belong.

Please make sure that none of the problem files has the Compile As-Is box checked in the File -> Compile -> Contents pane.


That was the problem. Thanks!!!

The “As-Is” switch overrides anything in the Compile -> Formatting pane, and so the Binder highlighting will indicate (correctly) that the file won’t be affected by changes you make there.