Scenes to Chapters and iPages to Word

Hi All:

Two questions.

First, if I have a chapter folder with two scenes under it, is there a shortcut to make a scene part of a new chapter under a new folder without copying other files? Also, what’s the best way to create a chapter folder? I can’t figure out how to do it w/o duplicating an existing one.

Second: I work in Pages on my Mac but have to submit to my editor/agent in Word. Converting back and forth is a PIA and I also end up running into issues after I convert too many times, like the spell check stops working. Has anyone found a good solution to this short of buying Word for Mac?


You can create new items using the main Project menu. Just select the folder you wish to insert the new one after, and use the Project/New Folder menu command. As for organising files between folders, drag and drop is usually the easiest approach for most people. You can also use the arrow keys in combination with Ctrl-Cmd to move items around. I’m not sure if that is quite what you meant—there isn’t a single command that will take a selected file, create a new folder, and move that file to the new folder, but what I do that in that scenario myself is just select the file I want to break out into a new major section, use Documents/Group (Opt-Cmd-G) and then hit Ctrl-Cmd-LeftArrow to move the new folder (and the scene(s) you had selected) back up a level of indent to match the rest. Finally, tapping RightArrow without any modifiers will open the folder.

The Group command, as you may surmise from how it works, is designed to take the current selection of items and wrap them all into a new folder. It doesn’t care if you only have one thing selected though, so it is a useful way to indent the current item below a new folder in one step.

For the second question: I’m not familiar enough with Pages to say why that may be. You might try Nisus Writer Pro, which will be a bit cheaper than Word, and I haven’t heard many complaints about it in regards to working with Word users. It also works well with Scrivener (it uses RTF as its internal format as well). It has a demo mode which gives you 15 days to see if it will work for you. They are also participating in WinterFest. So for a limited time you can get a nice discount on it.

Super helpful! Thank you!!!

I’ve used Pages plenty with Word-centric editors and never had a conversion problem.
Caution: I am referring to Pages '09, not the terrible new version, yuck bleck. :imp:

My practice is to export as Word (doc or docx) and tell editor to use Track Changes.
When the file comes back, I open it in Pages and treat all the comments/revisions.
Then I export it back to editor in the Word format.

This was a 400-page MS, exchanged maybe 6-8 times, and never a format problem.
I don’t know about the failure of the spell checker; never happened to me.
Possibly an out-of-memory problem for you, or a need to check preferences?

IF you had an editor who understood Google Docs, I’d recommend using it.
Sharing and collaboration are a breeze, and you can export any file in Word.