I have a question, for which there is probably a simple answer. I know there is a way of creating scenes while working on chapters with a keystroke, but I have forgotten what it is. Please help, anyone.

If you mean just cutting to a new section in the binder, you can press Cmd-N at any time to make a new one, following whatever you are currently editing. If you do this in Scrivenings mode, it will just break right in the session, putting a divider line and you can keep writing.

Not sure if that is what I mean. I am looking for a keystroke that will create a line in the text, and will create new scenes below the chapter, beginning after the line in the text. I have seen it done.

I will fiddle with it some more. Thanks for the help.

That sounds like Scrivenings mode to me. You have the text of the scenes separated by lines in the editor. You turn that on in the View menu (or Cmd-1). If you select the chapter folder for instance, you could view all of the scenes’ text one after the other. Now the Cmd-N keystroke should work to insert a new scene after the current one.

I found it. Cmd-K divides chapters into scenes. Thanks for your help. You gave me some additional ideas.