Scivener doesn't appear in Control Panel | Programs & Feature. Can't uninstall

I need to uninstall Scrivener 3, because it’s acting up. (It’s licensed, but keeps on losing it’s licensed status, prompting me to activate license repeatedly.) Tech support suggested uninstalling and downloading/re-installing.

I go to Control Panel | Programs and Features, but Scrivener is not listed, so there’s no way to uninstall.

Online research led me to the registry, and had me go to HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE | SOFTWARE | Microsoft | Windows | CurrentVersion | Uninstall, to find Scrivener and look for its UninstallString. But, surprise, Scrivener isn’t there.

Research then suggested looking under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, but no dice either.

I have Scrivener on another machine, and all is as it should be. On that machine, I looked in Windows Explorer in Program Files/Scrivener3, and I find “uninstall.exe” and “uninstall.dat”. Of course, those to files are missing from the problem machine.

Seems to me the original install got corrupted somehow.

Can anyone suggest a way to uninstall the program under these conditions? I know that sometimes when reinstalling a program, if the installer detects a version of that program, it asks “do you want to uninstall,” but my understanding is that the Scrivener installer does not do this. And anyway, I wonder what problem would crop up if the original install was somehow corrupt.

Many thanks!

If on Windows 11, right click on the Scrivener icon in the Start Menu or Taskbar and select Uninstall.

Yeah, but when I do that, it leads me to the Programs & Features section of Control Panel, requiring me to find Scrivener in the list–which as I say is not there.

Try reinstalling Scrivener anyway–it’ll place all files where they should be, including in Programs and Features. It’s the long way around, but you’d be able to uninstall it then, though I recall reading it remembers it’s credentials even if uninstalled and reinstalled later.
Formatting your hard drive is something I’m sure you’d want to stay away from.
Else wait to see if someone pipes in with an app clean-up recommendation.

A new install over the existing bad one, as you suggest, is probably what I’ll do. Thanks.

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