$scr_anchor etc.

What could cause this junk in an ePub 2 compile? The screenshot is from iBooks on High Sierra.

Here’s the document that (I assume) is causing it. I’m not overriding the style you see there.

Replacing <$title> with the title itself didn’t help.

Hmm, that’s some internal code that Scrivener uses while putting things together - it should never make it into the final output. Would it be possible to send me the project and Compile format so that I can test what’s causing it and fix it?
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To what email address should I send it? The forum is a bit public.

I sent it in a bug report with the same title. Hopefully, you’ll locate it soon.

Thanks for sending it in. It’s caused by the Zapf Dingbats font being used for those stars, which is throwing off the internal code. It’s a bug that will have been there for years (in Scrivener 2 as well) but it took this unusual circumstance to trigger it. I’ve fixed it for 3.0.1, which I’ll be releasing later this week.

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I had the same circumstance in v2 for a long time, many chapters, and didn’t see that bug before … same circumstance except that now the paragraphs are styled.

I’m seeing this error for every chapter title (I am using an odd font, 28 Days Later, but it was doing this even before I created a style for that). I just converted a s2 project to s3. The compile for Print (PDF) doesn’t do this.

The actual title text does print after the messed up code:

I don’t know what to try to fix it.


docX increments for every chapter. “Contents” is the title of the front matter file, but it does this at the start of every file, whether front matter or chapter, except the cover.