<$Scr_Ps::0><!$Scr_Ps::0> tags?

Whenever I launch Scrivener, my section prefixes are corrupted:

  • The tags <$Scr_Ps::0><!$Scr_Ps::0> bracket the prefix I have specified for the layout I created for the main pages in my manuscript
  • <$Scr_Ps::0>Attributes<!$Scr_Ps::0> appears in the prefix of the layout I created for my title page

I delete these every time, but they appear again after closing Scrivener and reopening it.

Anybody know what’s going on here?

This is apparently a known anomaly that @AmberV helped me with earlier here: " Placeholder code compile anomaly". I use a replace string in Compile to remove those tags automatically.

Brilliant! This workaround is good enough for me at this point. Thank you very much!